Everyone Is a Photographer

Steven Andrew will tell you that he is a photographer. However, Steven doesn’t own a real camera, and he doesn’t know the first thing about photography.

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Get To Know Your Local College

If you were not already aware, The University of Puget Sound is one of Tacoma’s oldest and most well known institutions, UPS has cemented itself into our fair city’s rich and vibrant history. Situated on a beautifully wooded campus in Tacoma’s North End, UPS started with just 88 students. Today, the school boasts over 2,500 people working towards a degree.

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The Scourge Of Rear-Rollers

Of all of the problems that have historically plagued humanity, there is one that stands above all others; a problem that has never truly been resolved and thus in the grand scheme of things is the single greatest issue that Man has ever faced. The problem we are discussing today is the proper way to place a roll of toilet paper onto the dispenser.

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